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I am an International Intuitive Energy Healer that teaches you to regain your Empowerment and Manifesting abilities who absolutely loves what I do! I am blessed to have the opportunities to be able to communicate with spirit to heal energies all over the world...which from a small-town Canadian girl seems like a crazy dream. However, crazy dreaming is what I am all about. I guide you through different healing techniques to allow you to heal your soul which will open up your world to such amazing achievable results. When you live your life in positive soul energy you are unstoppable, confident, intuitive, abundant, and able to see the opportunities around you!

Intuitive Energetic Healing is my most favourite part of what I do! I have the ability to tap into your energies and guide you to heal past traumas, remove blocks, and increase your intuition. When you deal within yourself you are able to heal depression, PTSD, anxiety, relationship blocks, money blocks, and so much more! It truly is amazing what changing your mindset can do to a soul to release so much toxicity.


I have gone through a major transition in life over the past 3 years that I never expected...but it has been a wonderful journey every step of the way! I was dating one person....left him and was reunited with the the love of my life, bought a house, got engaged, married (during COVID lockdown), gave birth to two beautiful boys, graduated college, took courses to enhance my intuition & healing skills, and opened my own business. I believe this all happened because I changed my mindset and started to manifest what I want out of life! Now, I am unstoppable and capable of anything I put my mind and energies to! 

I am a very unique individual that is passionate to help guide you on your own personal journey. I have many insights to share along the way since I have struggled with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and so much more. I am just me... cute, fun, in my own little world sometimes struggling to get the words I want out sometimes, happy, one of a kind is what people usually say to describe me.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my 5 year plan was you would have received a totally different would have been coaching figure skating, probably single, depressed trying to figure myself out.

Now, I am living my life for me and my family. I am working towards being a Mompreneur so I can spend time with my family. I am excited to be able to travel to see and experience the world! I am honoured when I get to walk beside people as they transform their lives to discover their inner soul purpose and achieve all of their dreams! Let me assist you in making your dreams happen!

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Sabrina H.

Dude, get a reading. It’s so accurate I’m crying
I appreciate this reading so much, I can’t express how accurate that was.. thank you thank you, it made so much sense

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