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About Us

Don't Let Just Anyone In Your Energy Field!!

We don't know about you, but we try to protect and respect our energy field from anyone messing around in it!

Your energy field is such a sacred spot with so many secrets, personal details, and everything about you! Would you let just anyone rustle around in your underwear drawer? You need to establish trust and rapport to be able to allow someone into such a sacred place. Ensuring you have someone that you can trust with your intimate thoughts, feelings, and secrets is such an important first step!

Our Story

We are just regular people like everyone else, the biggest difference is that we are working on building our powers to enhance our life and those around us.

The most common question we receive is "Did you always have this?" my response is  usually an excited "Oh ya, for sure, yet we haven't been using it our whole life". We had to turn it off in order to 'fit in with society' which, by the way, did not make our lives very happy at all. We started looking at how unhappy our soul was for being untrue to ourselves. We continued taking more courses starting with anything free and found Mentors that we felt connected with that would help us grow our skills. 

Meet The Team

Lindsay Myers

I have a passion as an International Intuitive Energy Healer to teach you to regain your Empowerment and Manifesting abilities. I am blessed to have the opportunities to be able to communicate with spirit to heal energies all over the world...which from a small-town Canadian girl seems like a crazy dream. However, crazy dreaming is what I am all about.

Living your life in positive soul energy you are unstoppable, confident, intuitive, abundant, and able to see the opportunities around you!

Intuitive Energetic Healing is my passion! Using my intuition, mediumship, psychic abilities, and other tools provides me the ability to tap into your energies and guide you to heal past traumas, remove blocks, and increase your intuition. 

I was naturally born with my amazing abilities, however, I have taken multiple courses to define my skills.

James Van Praagh

  • JVP Mediumship Certification – Level 1

  • JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification

  • One Day To Unconditional Self-Love

  • Soul Discoveries – Meditation Program

  • A Day in the Spirit World

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